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Bungee America is the maker & administrator of the most delightful Bungee Towers on the planet. The Bungee Arch stands 140 feet high; as tall as a 14 story fabricating yet totally transportable. This is the main OSHA confirmed multi-reason bungee tower on the planet. Not just can visitors bungee bounce from 140 feet over the ground yet they can likewise encounter the Rocket Launcher, a converse bungee ride that slingshots riders 100 feet into the air in only 2 seconds.

Bungee America produces Thundercord bungee string. This is the main meshed various rope bungee framework on the planet which can extend more than 3 times its resting length. Every line contains its own particular wellbeing go down. Using a various string bungee framework likens to one go down as well as different back-ups which gives numerous repetition to a definitive in wellbeing. Gear from bungee lines to waist, mid-section & lower leg tackles and everything in the middle of can be obtained at Bungee America.

Bungee America is incredibly famous for its worldwide Bungee Consulting & Bungee Site Training. Bungee America has prepared 26 bungee locales all around the globe including Korea, Japan, China, Russia, South Africa and the USA, giving everything from minor discussion to finish turn-key bungee destinations and preparing. Our preparation group will go to your area and fuse all the particular parts of your bounce site into our demonstrated preparing educational program.

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