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The Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) is a global organization for families WHO own and revel in the recreational use of motorhomes. With just about seventy five,000 active member families, FMCA is that the world’s largest motorhome house owners cluster.

Since 1963 FMCA has issued over 425,000 memberships to families WHO look to the association as their supply of knowledge concerning all sides of motorhome possession and travel.

Full/Family (F) membership is hospitable someone or family owning a minimum of third interest during a qualifying motorhome.
Family Associate (A) membership is hospitable Full/Family (F) members WHO now not own a qualifying motorhome.
business (C) membership is for dealers, suppliers, makers, campgrounds, service facilities and different corporations service the motorhome owner or the motorhome business.

The purpose of FMCA is to prepare social activities, exchange motorhome data, and provide edges created potential, in part, by collective buying. The interest of the Association additionally extends into the realm of political and legislative action. FMCA supports recreation programs and also the legal rights of recreational vehicle house owners.

FMCA takes pride within the benefit of its several membership edges, that embody a mail forwarding service, Associate in Nursing emergency medivac program, international conventions, chapter and space rallies, and a free subscription to Family Motor work magazine.

One of the best edges of FMCA membership is that the chance it provides for enjoying the fellowship of friends from everywhere the country WHO share a typical interest, motorhoming. The Association is wealthy within the tradition of FMCA members extending hands of real friendly relationship to at least one another.

FMCA acknowledges just about five hundred chapters across the u. s. and North American country. several of them include specific or general geographic regions. Others include FMCA members WHO own a selected whole or model of motorhome. And still others square measure supported a typical interest, like music, sports, coach conversions or amateur radio.

FMCA members will be known by the FMCA “goose egg,” or membership emblem, that a lot of members show on their motorhome. This oval plate, adorned with the family’s membership variety, opens the door for several friendly encounters whereas traveling.

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