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Peter Piper pizza is one of the famous name and its founder Tony Cavolo debuted his flagship building in Glendale, Arizona, that remains operational to the present day.

Since then,peter piper pizza four thousand square-foot stores have evolved into ten,thousand-square-foot “entertainment” restaurants with a progressive games, flat-screen televisions,hospitable, modern style,free WiFi, and brew and wine for adults. In 2013 peter piper dish unveiled a next-generation building style targeting millennian families.Peter Piper pizza remains committed to innovation that meets the wants of today’s families. however peter piper dish stay faithful the mission upon that Tony based the brand: build delicious dish at reliable worth. From dough made up of scratch right in our restaurants, to vine-ripened California tomatoes, to freshly sliced, 100 percent real cheese cheese, peter piper dish build food that each oldsters and children crave. increase that a gameroom packed with the newest technology, and it’s no surprise that Peter Piper pizza graded #2 within the prime fifty U.S. Pizzerias in sales per unit*.

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Family Value Feast $23.99 – 2 Large 1-Topping Pizzas & 6 Handmade Breadsticks